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To explore connecting to intangible parts of yourself


✅ Amplify your perception and awareness about yourself as an ENERGY being. Indeed, we, human beings, are not only made up of MATTER: aknowledging it (at least) and integrating it, opens up possibilities to empower yourself and to be a creator (vs an undergoer!) of your life's masterpiece.

✅ Get unlimited access to a choice of quick and handy empowering meditation and Pendulum Healings relaxations to harmonize yourself from any location.

✅ You will have access to your program on this platform with the possibility to stream or download all contents directly from it

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This journey/ package contains:
-> 1 Intro & Recap' pdf document

-> 6 relaxations, meditations, healings and visualisations to experience at your pace from the comfort of your preferred location (home, work, when travelling...) with 
xplanations about the process and benefits for each one of them.

-> Title descriptions of these 6 items:

✨Day 1: Increase your frequency level or keep it high


✨Day 2: Raise awareness about (what I call) your energetical self and your chakras 


✨Day 3: Empower yourself with this Guided Meditation


✨Day 4: Protect your energy


✨Day 5: Clear erroneous beliefs and memories


✨Day 6: Sky and earth anchoring

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