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What is
Spiritual & Energetical Hypnosis?



Spiritual and energetical hypnosis is first of all a (re) connection with your(inner)self and all invisible parts of this dimension.  


The session usually lasts around 3-4h because we do an in depth work: 

  • to look for answers concerning any of your interrogations  

for ex: what is my life purpose, what are this life's teachings, why certain things don't make sense

to me... 

  • to understand and bring change to repetitive schemes

 for ex: why do/did I go through this event(s) or trauma(s) in my life? 

  • Going to the origin of some of your issues  

for ex: from past lives, from energetical disturbances (also called entities): healing and freeing them and yourself altogether, by sending them to the appropriate place for their evolution.

  • Contacting beings of light (angels, your guides...) 



My role, at your side during this session, is to facilitate your access to these informations, in the most relaxed, guided and comfortable way.  

Indeed, according to your questions or requests, your subconscious (or what some would call your soul or higher-self) will know exactly where to bring you and what to show you.  

During our session, you are very aware and active because we talk and exchange together during the whole time. 


There is no external person, no medium, etc... or bias which might alter the information (often unconsciously) with his/her own filters or beliefs. YOU will be the one RECEIVING DIRECTLY and FEELING the information IN YOU:

transformation can then occur within you, in consciousness.

Sessions take place at my location, in Paris, France (in French or English).

On-line Sessions are not yet available but will be soon.

Price: by Willing Offering


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