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Why would you communicate with your animal companions?

When I am being asked what I do and that I explain about communicating with animals I sometimes get confused looks in return... however I am also happily surprised to see the number of people who are curious and enthusiastic about it!

I also get kind encouragement about the fact that if this is what makes me happy, and makes sense to me, it's a good thing...

And for some people there is a question which they generally don't dare to ask that much but which is very present in their mind:

okay, this is very nice but what's the point or use of it????

Which is what I am going to explain below (and in my above video):

First: What is Animal connection?

Well, connecting and communicating with animals is not a gift, it is an ability that we all have when we are born. But not being generally aware of it, we forget it as we grow up...

Animal connection is a mix between communicating with the animals who share our life (by exchanging with them) and doing an intuitive reading of them.

Connecting is about comprehending who they are, what they feel, live or think to fulfill their need, with the aim to evolve and grow together, more harmoniously.

It is also an opportunity to discover how they perceive "their humans" (or keepers) and their environment.

Indeed, animals have a lot to teach us: they naturally perceive us as we really are, see our hidden potentials or our unconscious blocages.

Their goal is simple: to guide us towards the full realization of our potential, through messages or behaviors (often misjudged and misinterpreted) this is why it is important to listen to them!...

Everytime I am amazed about the unconditionnal love animals have towards us.

Like any living being, animals are above all an energy embodied in a physical body. They also have a much broader awareness than we do on this subject. During a session, I connect to this energy, their essence, which contains both conscious and unconscious information about them. Because of this, it is also possible to connect with them, following their death.

Animal connection is not only about supporting the animal, it is about supporting an animal and a human being altogether to generate more harmony, and even more joy, more lightness in their life.

And so now that you have a clearer picture about it:

Why would you do a connection with your animal companions?

  • To have an understanding about its behaviour

  • To discover him and look at animals from another point of view and create an opportunity to understand them better, to evolve and grow together with a new perspective

  • To help you you find solutions to some of his behavioural problems

  • To give you another point of view about any health concern or pain and how to best help him with this ordeal

  • To experience a transformative journey because of the perception that your animal companion has of you, or of your relationship with him.

  • In the case of a deceased animal: to help you mourn with more serenity

  • You are just curious about the animal connection, you might also enjoy a heart and mind-opening experience .

If you would like to try the experience or contact me I invite you to click below:



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