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What is pendulum healing and pendulum alchemy and how can we use it?

PENDULUM ALCHEMY is the use of a pendulum as a tool to change, transform or influence something in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned (cf Erich Hunter).

Indeed, pendulums can be used for more than just answering questions...

Specialized pendulums are used to transform or shift energy from one state to another. Using spoken words combined with the movement and design of the pendulum in motion, some transformation can take place. PENDULUM HEALING, which is a sub-discipline of Pendulum Alchemy, is the use of a Pendulum to stimulate a healing response (cf Erich Hunter). While interacting with your energy field, pendulum healing helps to adjust the frequency of your energy creating new possibilities on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

The great thing about pendulum healing and alchemy is that they are transversal and anybody (wether you are a professional healer or an individual practicing self-care), can use them in creative and personal ways on human beings, on animals and on the living in general.

Pendulum alchemy is being used in everyday life matters to raise the possibilities of unblocking situations or even for finding a parking space!! :)

Practitioners can use this technique alone or in association with other techniques such as reiki, shiatsu or even to support an acupuncture session, any massage therapy etc..

Pendulum Healing and Alchemy are empowering you to be an active creator and transformer of your life (vs undergoing it fatally).

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To learn more about Pendulum Alchemy or to buy high-quality pendulums for dowsing and healing go there:

To discover which kinds of pendulums can be used for this technique check this post here.

Below is a short video on how I have been using it until today:

If you would like to experience pendulum healing in the scope of energetical harmonisations, you can click below for more info


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