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Example of specialised pendulums which can be used for healing and for pendulum alchemy

Here are some examples of pendulums which I have to show the variety of shapes and materials which exist in pendulum designs. The ones shown below are good for both dowsing and healing.

As a reminder:

  • Use a CORD (coton, leather...). Chains are not good for Pendulum Healing.

  • It is recommended to avoid the use of CLEAR QUARTZ pendulums for healing because they stock information. However for dowsing it's okay.

  • You will really feel a difference when switching from a simple pendulum to a high-quality/ high-vibrational pendulum

Pendulums shown in the video (in order of appearance):

  • ISIS PENDULUM in brass (I show here 2 sizes):

They come in various sizes, also in WOOD and with variations of the number of discs.

It is really a basic to have in your pendulum healing tool box.

You can find first prices ones in esoteric shops etc

Erich Hunter created a high quality one called POWER ISIS 16 here and another POWER ISIS 9 here

More elaborate and high quality and high virbrational pendulums:

  • DOME in gold coated brass by Erich Hunter (USA)

  • THOT in ceramic by Sevranx (Belgium)

  • BACK TO NATURE in wood by Erich Hunter (USA)

  • COSMIC MERKABA in silver plated brass by Erich Hunter (USA) (now called Cosmic Merkaba 2.0): This one being quite fragile, Erich Hunter created a new version in steel which has a higher resistance and can be easily carried around.

  • TREE OF LIFE DNA silver coated brass by Erich Hunter (USA)

  • AKH in coated aluminium by Nick Salzmann (USA): today, no more aluminium, it only comes in various kinds of wood

  • PHURBA in brass by Nick Salzmann (USA): the design has changed and it now comes in various kinds of wood (probably lighter than the metal one!)

Links where you have an extensive choice of high quality pendulums:

Erich Hunter / Pendulum Alchemy (my favorite):

Nick Salzmann / Pendulum Apometrics:

Sevranx (The process for ordering is a bit old fashion. For Europe, shipping was ok but I don't know how it would go for international shipping):

Links which I know but where I never purchased anything. So I don't know about their quality etc... although their offer looks attractive:

And, if you would like to experience pendulum healing in the scope of energy harmonizations for yourself or your animal companions, you can click below for more info:


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