Get Harmonized With Me

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(with pendulum healing)

and intuitive reading


  • Would you like to enjoy a moment of deep relaxation and energy healing in

the comfort of your home?

  • To amplify your consciousness about your energy self and increase your frequency level?

  • To appease any emotional swirl?

  • And to get an intuitive reading about the energies which surround and support you (which are your guides, soul family etc) to get another perspective about a present problematic, struggle or blockage?

  • "This harmonization session will help you release energy blockages, to foster better centering and balance within."

My services are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition. 

They are not intended to substitute for the advice,treatment or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional.


Animal conneCTion


  • Discover your animal friends and their world from another perspective

  • Enjoy a heart and mind-opening experience to, maybe also, open up new possibilities within yourself

  • Create an opportunity to comprehend them better to evolve and grow together with a new perspective.

  •  Get an understanding of their behaviors and find solutions to any behavioral problem

  • Learn about yourself through their eyes

"With animal connection sessions, we explore and enhance our relationship with animals as well as our relationship with ourselves, with others and with the world, thanks to the vision that animals have of themselves, of us and of their surrounding."