"FEEL HARMONIZED" package of
3 Single Energy healing sessions at your pace

(via video call and/or on-site)

for onsite sessions please

contact me via e-mail here
1 Recorded healing session (with unlimited access)

(English or French)

249€ instead of 270€ (3 sessions)


For energy sensitive, HSP, INFJs, empath and creative souls who would like regular energy healing and to do in-depth work on specific issue(s).

to help you with:

  • Bringing you general well-being through an energetical relaxation

  • Appeasing any "emotional rollercoasters"

           (If it is the case at the time of the session)

  • Strengthening your grounding (anchoring) and centering for a better management of your emotions and impact of your surroundings on yourself

  • the clearing of your energy field to free you from any "energetical parasites" which have nothing to be there

  • it can also be done in parallel of any medical therapy to support it

on an energetical level

  • Harmonizing you with your sensitivity so that you can embrace better your specificity


  • 3 single 1H to 1H30 sessions where we will do in-depth follow up healings on (a) specific problematics you would like to resolve.

  • We will set goal intentions together using RESONANCE HEALING (aligning thoughts and feelings to manifest your goal more easily)

  • For distance healing, please arrange to have a quiet space, where you can lye down or sit comfortably where you won't be bothered, and preferably use headphones: it can be done with Zoom, skype or WhatsApp, whichever is more convenient for you)

  • With this session's package you also get 

1 PERSONALIZED RECORDED HEALING which you have life and location unlimited access to (so you can bring it with you when for ex: you travel), and which you can install on all your devices (phone, lap top, I-pad etc...) . 

For On-site sessions in Paris, France please indicate it at the time of your booking.You also have the possibility to do a mix of on-site and distance sessions.

--> ​Please note that, if you are not willing to understand that you have an active participation in your well-being, and that any shift in your life starts from within you, this healing is not for you! Thank you.

your energy field/ body.



your solar plexus chakra :

It is located

in between your chest and your abdomen.

it is the "body"-guard" of the energy field.

And, unfortunately, highly sensitive empaths

often have it undermined.


with your high-sensitivity

and to evolve with it at your side,

as an ALLY (vs an enemy ) to build an


more SERENE existence

Once the 2 first steps are stabilized, you have stronger foundations to