with Pendulum Healing


1 Direct Distance Session  (via skype, zoom or WhatsApp)
2 Customized Recorded Healing Sessions
(with unlimited access)
for self-balancing, self-clearing and self-care.

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Energy (field) Clearing and Balancing + emotional Healing

For energy sensitive, HSP, empath, INFJs and creative souls who feel easily overwhelmed, stressed, and affected by the emotions of their surroundings, to get more peace and balance within.

To help you with:

  • Bringing you general well-being through an energetical relaxation

  • Appeasing any "emotional rollercoasters"        

  • Strengthening your grounding (anchoring) and centering for a better management of your emotions and impact of your surroundings on yourself

  • the clearing of your energy field to free you from

  • any "energetical parasites" 

  • it can also be done in parallel of any medical therapy to support it

on an energetical level


  • 1H to 1H30 session

  • We will set a goal intention together using

RESONANCE HEALING (aligning thoughts and feelings to manifest your goal more easily)

  • For distance healing, please arrange to have a quiet space, where you can lye down or sit comfortably where you won't be bothered, and preferably use headphones: it can be done with Zoom, skype or 

    WhatsApp, whichever is more convenient for you)
  • With this session you get


1/ Chakra and energy balancing  

2/ Grounding and Solar Plexus Focus


which you have life and location unlimited access to

(so you can bring it with you when for ex: you travel), and which you can install on all your devices (phone, lap top, I-pad etc...) . 

As an empath, energy sensitive or highly-sensitive person, it is important to have a certain energetical hygiene so that you don't get so easily afflicted by what you have to deal with because of your specificity and collateral matters. Or let's say that when your sensitivity balance is challenged, it is good to be able to get back to the point where you can deal with what you have to deal with without having crossed a point of emotional no return ...

With the personalized recorded healings you can do a quick fix without having to wait (or while waiting) for your practitioner if not quickly available. Until a certain extent and depending on what needs to be worked on, you can do it by yourself.