2 Sessions

/ available distance (via zoom or skype) or on-site.

249€ (instead of 270€)

This healing can interest you, if you resonate with the below:

  • You have always felt like an alien, like you don't belong here, like you don't want to be here..., even sometimes feeling useless and often seeing your life or your actions as meaningless.

  • You have been taking into account for quite a while in your life, that you are sensitive and functioning differently than many people of your surrounding. Books, social media people etc... tell you either that : "it's not easy to be..." or else: that it's a "gift" or some kind of "super-power": Okay,... But, you still remain with your lack of well-being... with your fragility, ...still wondering if one day you will be able to focus on any other thing than "feeling bad" or "fixing yourself"...


  • You have healthy life hygiene ?? but it seems like "it is still not enough"!!!... You often feel overwhelmed or undermined by your environment or you have the feeling something is sucking your energy... (which could be due to energetical imbalances, not knowing how to create boundaries around you or energetical interferences hanging around...). So, lately you really feel like you need an energy Healing/balancing


  • You may be a creative, an artist or have your very own and personal world or vision of the world which surrounds you

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I propose you 2 sessions taking place at 2 different dates (spaced of at least 1 week)

and before which I will send you a little questionnaire to get to know you better and to support our sessions together:

- we will first work on clearing, healing and re-balancing your energy with

Pendulum healing (click here for more infos about this technique).

To help you with: 

Bringing you general well-being through an energetical relaxation, appeasing any "emotional rollercoasters", strengthening your grounding (anchoring) and centering for a better management of your emotions and impact of your surroundings on yourself, the clearing of your energy field to free you from any "energetical parasites" which have nothing to be there, it can also be done in parallel of any medical therapy to support it

on an energetical level

Duration:1h to1h30

- Once we have worked on your energy, we go further in the exploration of your problematic with Spiritual&Energetical hypnosis (click here for more infos) 

Duration: between 3 to 4h

to help you with:

  • the resolution of Karmic issues 

  • Updating or getting back some resources from past lives (ex: self-confidence, courage, creativity...)

  • Getting answers concerning some of your metaphysical questions (why am I here? what is my purpose? why have I been feeling this way all my life? etc...)


  • Helping you understand better your life's path to gain more peace and resilience 

regarding your life's journey


  • It can also be an "exploration session" to support opening up your Consciousness 

  • help you in the resolution of entity interferences* which can be present

within your field (when cleared you could get more vitality).