with Pendulum Healing
1 Distance healing session via video call
(for on site sessions please
contact me via e-mail here)
(English or French)

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Energy (field) Clearing and Balancing + emotional Healing

For energy sensitive, HSP, empath, INFJs and creative souls who feel easily overwhelmed, stressed, and affected by the emotions of their surroundings, to get more peace and balance within.

To help you with:

  • Bringing you general well-being through an energetical relaxation

  • Appeasing any "emotional rollercoasters"        

  • Strengthening your grounding (anchoring) and centering for a better management of your emotions and impact of your surroundings on yourself

  • the clearing of your energy field to free you from any "energetical parasites" which have nothing to do there

  • it can also be done in parallel of any medical therapy to support it

on an energetical level


  • around 1H - 1H15 session

  • We will set a conscious healing or goal intention together

  • For distance healing, please arrange to have a quiet space, where you can lye down or sit comfortably where you won't be bothered, and preferably use headphones: it can be done with Zoom, skype or WhatsApp.