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Distance session (50 to 60mn) 
via video call
English or French

 “Thanks to Ludivine for her kindness, which supported us during our cat Lilou's end of life. Full of empathy, Ludivine understood well Lilou's character and above all was able to transmit us messages for the family, including one for my son which we did not expect at all but who was incredibly accurate. 🙏💖 » 

Christine N. and Lilou, France

Translated from French: « Merci à Ludivine pour sa bienveillance qui nous a accompagnée lors de la fin de vie de notre chatte Lilou. Pleine d’empathie, Ludivine a bien cerné le caractère de notre Lilou et surtout a pu nous transmettre des messages destinés à la famille, dont un pour mon fils auquel nous ne nous attendions pas du tout mais qui était d’une justesse incroyable. 🙏💖 » 

Christine N. et Lilou , France


One session to harmonize and strengthen your
connection with your animal companions


Connecting and communicating with animals is not a gift, it is an ability that we all have when we are born. But not being generally aware of it, we forget it as we grow up...  


Animal connection is a mix between communicating with the animals who share our life (by exchanging with them) and doing an intuitive reading of them.  


Connecting is about comprehending who they are, what they feel, live or think to fulfill their need, with the aim to evolve and grow together, more harmoniously. 

It is also an opportunity to discover how they perceive "their humans" (or keepers) and their environment.   


Indeed, animals have a lot to teach us: they naturally perceive us as we really are, see our hidden potentials or our unconscious blocages. 

 Their goal is simple: to guide us towards the full realization of our potential, through messages or behaviors (often misjudged and misinterpreted) this is why it is important to listen to them!... 


Everytime I am amazed about the unconditionnal love animals have towards us.  


Like any living being, animals are above all an energy embodied in a physical body. They also have a much broader awareness than we do on this subject. During a session, I connect to this energy, their essence, which contains both conscious and unconscious information about them. Because of this, it is also possible to connect with them, following their death.  


Animal connection is not only about supporting the animal, it is about supporting an animal and a human being altogether to generate more harmony, and even more joy, more lightness in their life.   

Curious Cat
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  • To discover him and look at animals from another point of view and create an opportunity to understand them better, to evolve and grow together with a new perspective

  • To help you  you find solutions to some of his behavioural problems and to have an understanding about its behaviour 

  • To experience a transformative journey because of the perception that your animal companion has of you, or of your relationship with him.

  • In the case of a deceased animal: to help you mourn with more serenity 

  • You are just curious about the animal connection, you might also enjoy a heart and mind-opening experience 

Please note that in case of a potential problem I cannot guarantee to solve it but I will do my best to help you! 

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My particularity is that I am mainly kinesthetic and clairsentient: that is to say that I receive any information given by the animal, through physical body sensations, although this information can also show up in the shape of words or images.

I am very much interested in the relationship between animals and humans, in the perception animals have of "their" humans and in the information they transmit, which are generally (for these humans) keys (filled with their love!) to be able to evolve in their life.


I like the fact that through animal connection, we can explore and enhance our relationship with them as well as our relationship with ourselves, with others and with the world, thanks to the vision that animals have of themselves and their surrounding.

For my part, discovering the world through their eyes makes me look at it with a different eye. Indeed, when I connect to an animal, I connect to a "story". And since connecting with them is also about "their" humans, during every session, I learn a lot about human beings themselves.

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Families Communicating Via Video Calls


It takes place remotely, via a Skype or Zoom video call, and is recorded so that you don't have to take notes during the session and live the experience fully. I advise you to listen to it again later on because there are often details which you might forget afterwards. Your animal companion doesn't need to be around during the call, although I will be thrilled to meet it if it is present ❤️ during our session! 

Before our appointment, you send me a photo of the animal with which you wish to make the connection (cat, dog, horse, turtle, rabbit, bird, etc...), its name, and its age. Beforehand, you can prepare questions, if you have any, that you will communicate to me at the time of our appointment. 


During our session, I will first try to find out who the animal is, its vision of things, and if it has any messages to communicate you before moving on to the question/answer part. 

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What people say?

FANNY B. and Wendy, France

(translated from French)

"I did a session with Ludivine a few days after adopting my kitten Wendy. This connection helped me to understand how she had experienced her beginnings on the streets and the separation from her mother and brothers during the adoption. I was also able to know how she perceived me and my daughter and to discover the "advice" that her soul had to pass on to us in order to evolve in the fairest way.

Thanks to this session, I really felt like I got to know Wendy better, her needs and her expectations so that I could quickly adapt to her and that she could feel loved and safe.

I recommend Ludivine for her attentiveness, her gentleness, her accuracy in transmission, her humility. Her sessions are a great help to strengthen the bond with your pet!

" J'ai fait une séance avec Ludivine quelques jours après avoir adopté mon chaton Wendy. Cette connexion m'a permis de comprendre comment elle avait vécu ses débuts dans la rue et la séparation avec sa mère et ses frères lors de l'adoption. J'ai aussi pu savoir comment elle me percevait ainsi que ma fille et de découvrir les "conseils" que son âme avait à nous transmettre afin d'évoluer de la manière la plus juste.

Grâce à cette séance, j'ai vraiment eu l'impression de connaître mieux Wendy, ses besoins et ses attentes pour pouvoir m'adapter rapidement à elle et qu'elle puisse se sentir aimée et en sécurité.

Je recommande Ludivine pour son écoute, sa douceur, sa justesse dans la transmission, son humilité. Ses séances sont d'une aide précieuse pour renforcer le lien avec son animal de compagnie !"

ISABELLE F. and Louloute, France

(translated from French)

“Thank you again for your shared time and your attention. I took the liberty to talk about you around me, hoping for you a well-deserved rewarding feedback. Wishing you a beautiful evening and again, a thousand thanks 😍

“Encore merci pour votre temps partagé et votre écoute je me suis permise de parler de vous autour de moi en espérant pour vous un retour positif bien mérité ! Belle fin de soirée et encore mille merci 😍”

FANNY M. and Quokka, France

(translated from French)

“Dear Ludivine,

I wanted to thank you again for this delicate exchange this afternoon.

I will certainly recommend you.

See you soon


“Chère Ludivine,

Je tenais à vous remercier de nouveau pour cet échange tout en finesse cet après-midi. 

Je ne manquerai pas de vous recommander. 

À bientôt 


Since there are no limits to energy and that all consciousnesses are connected, sessions can be done remotely and are as efficient as on-site ones
So what is the advantage of doing a remote session:
- you are in the comfort of your home (or any location which suits you
all around the world )


We will do a ZOOM call
(or SKYPE)

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