Within the scope of my ANIMAL CONNECTION learning
I temporarily offer sessions at the price of 
until my certification

Distance session (around 50mn - 60mn) via video call
(English or French)

Why connecting with animals (and the living)
is also beneficial to human beings?

Understanding how animals see themselves, look at us, or perceive their environment can offer us a bigger sense of unity with living beings, with the earth, and, believe it or not: with other people too.  

Discovering ourselves through their loving eyes, brings us back to the simple and true important things of life, recalling us who we really are without any of this pretense we often carry on us.  


It reminds us that we can also learn from living beings other than human ones, and from nature itself where each element indeed has and is a consciousness: as strange as it can seem the Earth is a consciousness, plants are a consciousness, minerals, natural elements ... Although it might be a confusing concept for our human brains, opening the possibility that it is the case or only acknowledging it, changes our relationship with our surroundings, and our positioning within the world.  


It opens up different opportunities to evolve with more awareness, more creativity, and more carefully on Earth: allowing collaboration possibilities with animals and with nature itself, taking into account what they have to show us, teach us or share with us, no matter if you have an urban way of life or a rural one.  


  • To have an understanding about its behaviour 

  • To discover him and look at animals from another point of view and create an opportunity to understand them better, to evolve and grow together with a new perspective

  • To help you  you find solutions to some of his behavioural problems

  • To give you another point of view about any health concern or pain and how to best help him with this ordeal 


  • If you would like  to notify your pet of any change (moving, arrival of a new member, travel, etc.) 


  • To experience a transformative journey because of the perception that your animal companion has of you, or of your relationship with him.


  • If your pet is at the end of its life, you want to know if it is ready to leave or desires to leave and how

  • In the case of a deceased animal: to help you mourn with more serenity 

  • You are just curious about the animal connection, you might also enjoy a heart and mind-opening experience 

Please note that in case of a potential problem I cannot guarantee to solve it but I will do my best to help you! 



Curious Cat


Connecting and communicating with animals is not a gift, it is an ability that we all have when we are born. But not being generally aware of it, we forget it as we grow up... 

Animal connection is about communicating with the animals we share our life with and being able to comprehend what they feel, live, think, and perceive. It is also an opportunity to understand them to better evolve and grow together. 

Indeed, animals have a lot to teach us: they perceive us as we really are and can even guide us to allow us to have a more harmonious and fulfilling lives. 

Like any living being, animals are above all an energy embodied in a physical body. They also have a much broader awareness than we do on this subject. During a session, I connect to this energy, their essence, which contains both conscious and unconscious information about them.Because of this, it is also possible to connect with them, following their death. 

Animal connexion is not only about supporting the animal, it is about supporting an animal and a human being altogether getting back more harmony, and even more joy, more lightness in their life.


It takes place remotely, via a Skype or Zoom video call, and is recorded so that you can listen to it again later. Your animal companion doesn't need to be around during the call, although I will be thrilled to meet it if it is present ❤️ during our session! 

Before our appointment, you send me a photo of the animal with which you wish to make the connection (cat, dog, horse, turtle, bird, etc...), its first name, and its age. Beforehand, you can prepare questions, if you have any, that you will communicate to me at the time of our appointment. 


During our session, I will first try to find out who the animal is, its vision of things, and if it has any messages to send you before moving on to the question/answer part. 

If any energetical healing was needed, I would proceed in doing so. This can also be a support to any medical treatment (but please note it won't be a replacement).

Families Communicating Via Video Calls

Since there are no limits to energy and that all consciousnesses are connected, sessions can be done remotely and are as efficient as on-site ones
So what is the advantage of doing a remote session:
- you are in the comfort of your home (or any location which suits you
all around the world )



We will do a ZOOM call


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In case you wouldn't find any matching time or date for yourself on the schedule when booking, please contact me at hello@theharmonizedempath.com