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Hi, I am Ludivine!

My life revolves around a constant desire for balance, harmony, creativity, and simplicity.

Going back to the essence of all things, and respecting and caring the best I can about our Earth and the living.   

I worked for 20 years as a designer and as a jewelry artist in Paris, New York, Barcelona and Berlin. Being constantly questioning the state of things and being also attracted to well-being, I was simultaneously training myself along the way, in energy therapies: shiatsu, reiki, code micro cosmos(with Kaoru Watanabe) , access bars, animal connection (with Ilana de Montaigne), and Pendulum healing (with Erich Hunter).

Being highly sensitive, I always had a connection with subtle dimensions by being visited at night time by disincarnated beings... Not understanding what was happening to me, I ignored it and shut down this sensibility which was too overwhelming for me, besides having also the ability to sense, perceive and "see through" people behind all appearances. 

I even developed a rare disease affecting my eyesight and hearing capacities which, I understood, later on, was an unconscious way to cut myself from all I could perceive in others or places and spaces.

Simultaneously, I was having physical ailments and pains which I couldn't find explanations or solutions for. But, following years of exploration, I realized that most of it would happen because my physical body was behaving like a barometer and as a protector from all what it was feeling. All of which my "mind" was translating and communicating to me as disruptive or negative. My body was basically "talking to me" about what it perceives concerning living beings, places, situations etc. And that I shouldn't take it as a burden. But as a beautiful possibility to help others when sensing any energetical blocks or informations attached to them, in order to make energy circulate again and bring back harmony within them.

My Background

Throughout my career, I was also unconsciously driven by the will that most of my actions and my thoughts be to create subtle and tangible harmonies in myself, for others, and around me. These were completely unconscious matters floating within me... So, whenever I wouldn't be true to myself or to those values which inhabit me, whatever I would or wouldn't do would feel meaningless, boring, or uncomfortable.    


As a person working in creative and artistic fields, I thought I was lucky to be able to do so, while, at the same time, feeling a deep void inside of me: often not feeling at my place I was often looking for more fulfilling or higher purposes in my art, in my work as a designer or through my tasks, and I wouldn't understand why.  


But this was also because I didn't know myself truly. I also had a lot of conditioning and limiting beliefs from my childhood, from society. I had unresolved wounds, and I wasn't clear with myself about the WHY I was doing all of it...   


So, I began reflecting on who I am (and not who I want to become...). Then, I started healing the wounds and stopped lying to myself about what I really wanted in my life, without judging myself. It led me to ask myself questions about how to feel more in tune with myself and with this earth such as:  








   This appeared to me because I found art, design, and all creative behaviors were often very (too) much intellectualized, egotic, or for mundane purposes.


Although some achieve notable works, it was shocking to me that many artistic or creative approaches were happening often to satisfy one's ego (bringing with it unethical behaviors towards other individuals or the planet and even self-destruction at various levels) more than getting thriving outcomes or any well being or solution to other living beings, to the world or the Earth. Some creative individuals even lose their "mojo" or inspiration because they lose themselves, forgetting to put their true self, their essence, or their WHY into what they do.  

Creating and healing

Today the world is changing: more people are expanding their consciousness about their role as humans and incarnated beings, and about what they can bring at any level, or as part of a collective and especially as inhabitants of the planet Earth.   


Art and any creative process (whether it be visual arts, music, writing, designing, science, etc...) are healing for ourselves, as creators, when we are in the flow: it puts our creative energy in movement and (the most important) it materialises it by expressing it in the matter. When we push it to another more altruist and even energetical or spiritual level It can reach a higher and more fulfilling outcome for the creator himself. It can also become a powerful tool to transform others positively and significantly, and contribute to healing living beings and the earth itself.  


My Purpose


It is to help people harmonize the flow of their energy within, to bring them back to the essence of who they really are, to reach a more conscious, powerful, and meaningful life and creative journey.  

On the long run, I also want to inspire others by diffusing the work of creators whose visions and creative approaches already resonate with the idea of a new, healthier, and harmonious earth and world.

Systems and spaces where all living beings and nature elements collaborate with each other, work better as a collective and are more consciously aligned and energetically connected with themselves and with each other.   

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