My Story

For most of my life I believed I was:

​-  Abnormal because I thought I couldn't fit in a world relying on values that I couldn't understand

Asocial because I needed (too) often to have some time on my own, alone

-  Complicated because I was told that I was "over-analyzing" everything

-  Hypochondriac despite a healthy way of life: I was always feeling tired or having weird ailments which I or

   most doctors or alternative healers didn't have any understanding or solutions for.

But, I  discovered I was just a highly sensitive and empath person :)

​Realizing that some people were going through more or less the same things as I was, took a big weight off my shoulders.


Even though this was extremely helpful to accept me as I am, it didn’t give me the manual on how to overcome my recurring ailments, discomforts, or questions linked to this particularity or should I say “peculiarity”! 

​I have been working on and off for 20 years, as a creative in fashion design and contemporary jewelry. And at one point in my journey, I had built so many self-protecting mechanisms that I even lost touch with my sensibility, my creativity, and my true self.

I also learned in my thirties that I had a rare evolutive disease called Usher Syndrome, (losing my sight and hearing abilities) which became very symbolic to me: 


" body and senses were overwhelmed. They were shutting down because they didn't know how to deal with all these intangible things which they couldn't understand, manage, or accept ..." 

I decided to rely on my intuition on how to deal with this disease: today it is much less advanced than what had been predicted to me 15 years ago...


This disease also made my life priorities evolve… I have felt guilty of what I am during the greatest part of my life: I was often trying to adapt to lifestyles which I didn’t correspond to, or ashamed of not feeling well because of things I couldn't explain to my own self or others. So, I just decided to accept myself as I am and to explore solutions to be able to thrive as I am.

These past 45 years and throughout my life journey, I have lived in several countries (in Paris, in New-York, in Barcelona and in Berlin) I also had varied professional and social environments and met a lot of different people from various nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. I am French and my life partner is Polish. 

Evolving in and observing such surroundings, it became obvious to me that:

  • we all have our own reality and filters with tons of limiting beliefs within us, which shape us much more than we think

  • we are all unique, with our own talents

  • we all have a worthy, equal place in this world (despite what society has been brainwashing us...)! we can contribute usefully at any levels possible 

  • and that each one of us has to find her/his own system to feel good with her/himselves.

  • you can have several different and equally worthy and complementary solutions for one issue

  • we have responsibility for our happiness and well-being which come from us and not from others. They rely on how we act or react to our surroundings, life events etc...

For my part, I was not functioning the same as most people I had been, wrongly, comparing myself to (this detail is important!). Therefore, It became vital for me to understand and to develop systems, which I did, to feel more in tune with my specificity, as a highly sensitive and empath person.

After, doing various training in energetical therapies (shiatsu, reiki, dien chan, code micro cosmos-Kaoru Watanabe​ , access bars), including Pendulum healing, during 20 years, in parallel with my official career, I chose to do something more meaningful to me, at this point of my life...


I have always been obsessed by balance, harmony and well-being for others, around me and within me.


Now, after designing tangible things as objects and accessories to make people look good, I developed intangible energy healings to make people feel good.


--> I like simple things + to make the life of others and my life the SIMPLEST and  EASIEST possible.


--> So, I developed simple ways (ex:as recorded healings)  to harmonize highly sensitive and empath people with their sensitivity so that they can also be autonomous + not depend "constantly" only on others (ex: healers, doctors) to feel balanced and good. Through 2 different approaches, PENDULUM HEALING and SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS I am willing to help you to make your life more pleasant and more meaningful (in case you are questioning yourself constantly! ;) ) so that you can thrive in the most harmonious and authentic way possible for yourself.

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