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Healing by Ludivine Huteau

I help energy sensitive, highly sensitive and empath people to clear their energy fields and strengthen their energetic boundaries resulting in improved mental clarity and health.  


You can learn how to fortify your energetic core, helping you get centered, more balanced, and tuned to your own energy. Allowing you to heal, thrive and move forward  with more peace within in your life journey.

" Ludivine sent me a personalized pendulum healing meditation and what a gift ✨🙏✨. It has become part of my nighttime routine. What a special person !! I’m so grateful. Thank you 😍".  -  Jodi F., USA


Hi, I am Ludivine!

I have always had an obsession for balance, harmony and well-being for others, around me and within me.


My goal is to help you feel good in your shoes, to get in harmony with your sensitivity, your creativity, and to get back your sovereignty.

  • You have always felt like "an alien", like you don't belong here, like you don't want to be here..., sometimes feeling useless and often seeing your life as meaningless.

  • You have been taking into account for quite a while in your life, that you are "sensitive" and functioning differently than many people of your surrounding. Books, social media people etc... tell you either that : "it's not easy to be..." or else: that it's a "gift" or some kind of "super-power": Okay,... But, you still remain with your lack of well-being... with your fragility, ...still wondering if one day you will be able to focus on any other thing than "feeling bad" or "fixing yourself"...

  • You have healthy life hygiene ?? but it seems like "it is still not enough"!!!... 


I know well how you feel because I have been through this too ...

--> I like simple things. And I wish to make the life of others and my life the simplest and easiest possible.


--> So, I developed simple ways (ex:as recorded healings)  to harmonize individuals, especially highly sensitive, empath and energy sensitive ones, with their sensitivity. Helping them to feel more autonomous.


->  I am willing to help make your life journey more pleasant and more meaningful so that you can thrive in the most harmonious and authentic way possible.Through a choice of 2 different approaches:


    (direct, remote and recorded sessions) 



    (direct and remote) 

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” 

― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ---

Single sessions Services


(pendulum healing)

(Distance or On-Site) 


For energy sensitive, HSP, empath, INFJs and creative souls who feel easily overwhelmed, stressed and affected by their surroundings, to get back your peace and balance within.


HYPNOSIS. (Distance or On-Site)

110€ - 180€

Spiritual and Energetical Hypnosis is first of all a (re)connection with your(inner)self and all invisible parts of your being...

I recommend it for those of you, "sensitives" who have often felt different, like they don't belong "here", those of you who have often been looking for some "meaning"  to their existence. For those looking for answers to their "metaphysical"interrogations or those only willing to open up their consciousness.


PREMIUM - HARMONIZATION PACKAGE (pendulum Healing) (Distance or On-Site)


1 SINGLE SESSION AND 2 PERSONALISED HEALING VIDEOS (for self-balancing, self-clearing and self-care)

For energy sensitive, HSP, empath, INFJs and creative souls who feel easily overwhelmed, stressed and affected by their surroundings, to get back your peace and balance within.
Who would like to be able to do self-care and self-clearing easily.

(pendulum healing and spiritual hypnosis) 

(Distance or On-Site)


For those of you looking for an energy (re)balancing.
and those of you who have often been looking for some "meaning"  to their existence, maybe looking for answers to their "metaphysical"interrogations or those only willing to open up their consciousness or get a better understanding of their own functioning.


FEEL HARMONIZED package of  

(pendulum Healing) 
(Distance or On-Site)


For energy sensitive, HSP, INFJS, empath and creative souls who would like regular energy healing and to do in-depth work on specific problematics.

Ludivine's services are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition. 

They are not intended to substitute for the advice,treatment or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional.

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For On-site sessions in Paris, France :

Please contact me at :

Feel in tune with your sensitivity by:


your energy field/ body.



your solar plexus chakra :

It is located

in between your chest and your abdomen.

it is the "body"-guard" of the energy field. And, unfortunately, highly sensitive empaths often have it undermined.

Once the 2 first steps are stabilized, you have stronger foundations to


with your high-sensitivity

and to evolve with it at your side,

as an ALLY (vs an enemy ) to build an EMPOWERED, FULFILLING and more SERENE existence



Hello. I just listened to the harmonization recording. I liked it. It was more of a relaxation meditation for me whereas the other one seemed more active. Probably because of all the heart expansion in it. I really didn’t have any visualizations with it. It was very calming and peaceful. The full moon seems to mess with me. So i thought listening to your recording might settle me down a bit and it seems to have done that.

K Sparks, USA  

 I experienced several direct healings and recorded ones such as chakra cleansing, harmonising or grounding ones. Each time I noticed energetical, mental and physical well-being. My mental activity was relaxed, slowed down, and automatically visualising the words Ludivine was saying during the healing. It felt to me like I was installed into a deep meditative state without doing any efforts. I could constantly feel energy circulating in my body, different variations of pressure in the back of my head, maybe my pineal gland??, combined with intense visions of all shapes and colors, full of light. After the session, I was still away for at least 20mn, somewhere at the end of a rainbow (…) Being a highly sensitive man, dealing with all what it implies, Ludivine's healings help to harmonise my inside world with the outside one."


Jacek S., France


I kept seeing triangles pointed in different directions. Usually pointing down and sometimes they turned. I did see a lot of green energy but closer to the end I saw brighter colors that expanded and then disappeared. I get warm when energy is moving and I definitely felt that. After the recording was over I looked up the symbol for the heart chakra and there are lots of triangles in the symbol depending on what image you find. I’m sure that is what I was seeing. I found the music and your voice very



K Sparks, USA 


(translation) I felt a definite improvement in my blood circulation, and my migraine was gone.very satisfied with my session. Eugenie

Eugénie H., France